Bruce Winsatt, President/CEO/Owner of Winmoore, Inc., has bruce-profhad an enterprising 20-year career developing high-tech solutions in many industries including telco, media, biomedical, aerospace and business industries. He has comprehensive experience in product management, software quality assurance, systems engineering and product development and is proficient at incorporating methodologies to increase productivity, reliability and predictability in your technology.

As a business and solutions architect, Bruce brings his expertise, diversity in products and industry, and problem solving techniques as well as his passion to the work done by Winmoore, Inc. Recognizing that many companies need resources to be active team members to launch new technologies we work tirelessly to quickly learn your technology and integrate with your teams to assist in the launch and support of products.

Bruce has also developed many training courses to assist call center agents, technicians and customers with support of use of technology. Bruce assisted in the development of the AAMI training seminar for Software Validation – Requirements and Industry Practice, and was an instructor at the university level for a course in Software Development for Medical Devices.